..." music is the art of sounds, which we express the different feelings of the soul "...

..." music is the art of sounds, which we express the different feelings of the soul "...


Clarinetto Solista della “Transylvania State Philharmonic Orchestra” in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) dal 2009 e Compositore . . . 

About the mouthpieces: “Before anything else, you feel an amazing colour, and then you realize that it is the sound that you have always imagined. While performing, you gradually discover that it is following every musical intention you want to express. Armed with warm power in full dynamic, graceful softness when you play p and a lot of flexibility in the high register, this mouthpiece creates a balance in your sound, perfect for classical music.”

Holding the position of principal clarinet soloist at the Transylvania State Philharmonic Orchestra in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (since 2009), Aurelian Băcan is a very appreciated clarinetist and composer from Romania.

His musical education has started at the age of six with the accordion and later he began to play the clarinet. He has been studying with László Gheorghe (Sigismund Toduță Music College, Cluj-Napoca), and further on with Professor Ioan Goilă and Professor Flavius Trif at Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca (Bachelor and Masters Dergree 2008, 2010).


He has accumulated great experience by performing solo concerts, chamber music recitals in various ensembles (such as the Axis Mundi Trio, AdHoc Ensemble, Duende Wind Quintet, etc.) in Romania and abroad. His merits were recognized through several prizes he has won in national and international competitions.

Aurelian Băcan is also an active composer, earning his Bachelor’s Degree in composition in 2012 (with Professor Adrian Pop, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca). He has been participating in several master classes, both in clarinet and composition held by György Kurtág, Reto Bieri, François Benda.

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