..." music is the art of sounds, which we express the different feelings of the soul "...

..." music is the art of sounds, which we express the different feelings of the soul "...


The music becomes part of his life at the age of five years, even before they learn to read and to write. Soon he falls in love the clarinet and after a period in the city’s musical bands, at eleven years old began to attend the Conservatory G. Rossini in Pesaro, under the guidance of Maestro Ugo Contrevi, clarinetist and special and unique teacher, great specialist and mouthpieces enthusiast.


Already at thirteen years old he played with mouthpieces by himself modified and improved, and still today, try the same enthusiasm in trying to get to an ideal mouthpiece, it is the extension of the body, the mouth of the clarinet, not a piece to be inserted into an instrument.


He graduated from High School, and graduated at the Conservatory “G. Rossini” earning the academic degree of second level in clarinet with highest honors.


After several years of intense study and courses with larger international clarinetists unfortunately in 2004 he was diagnosed with a chronic tendinitis in his right hand, and this was one of the reasons that led him to focus more on processing mouthpieces.

If previously he modified the clarinet mouthpieces for himself, now he perfects them for the other clarinetists, turning a passion into what is now his current work.

He has been invited to give master and meetings at some of the most prestigious Italian and European conservatories.





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