..." music is the art of sounds, which we express the different feelings of the soul "...

..." music is the art of sounds, which we express the different feelings of the soul "...


Bb clarinet mouthpieces


Eolo mouthpiece, so named because its main feature is the air passage, perfect in every register and in every color of the sound , low and high, loud or soft; this quality allows the clarinet reed to vibrate smoothly and steady, with symmetrical oscillations, without distortion or sudden outbursts, developing a rich, compact sound that runs coming away.

Series EOLO //

Burnished sound and centered in each log, air control Parallel internal chamber. Available in various lengths and openings

Series EOLO V

Rich and dense sound, centered never opened in the low register, covered and large in the acute. inner chamber V, available in various lengths and openings.


Eb clarinet mouthpieces


Burnished sound, never screeching. Versatility and centered in each register. Exceptional harmonic treasure produced a sweeter, more melodic color but at the same time prompt and powerful. Inner chamber slightly V enhance really a great sound  with exceptional air control .

Series EOLO Eb - Mod. Blu

The Blu model with a medium tip open usually is more suitable for a relaxed way of playing based on airflow and diaphragm work

Series EOLO Eb - Mod. Beige

The Beige model is a more open facing and usually is for a physical way of playing, requires more work of lips and facial muscles.

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